Creating the Perfect Tribute: Funeral Obituary Examples

funeral obituary examples

In a few brief paragraphs, how can you condense a lifetime of experiences and accomplishments? If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, you’re probably used to sending messages in quick bursts. Capturing the highlights of a loved one’s life in a brief, written style, on the other hand, can be a different—and more difficult—experience. A […]

Hydro Cremation vs. Traditional Cremation

hydro cremation pexels hakan erenler 289770

Traditionally, cremation is a process that uses a flame to reduce an individual’s remains to ash; however, the Merriam-Webster definition of cremation is “the process of reducing a dead body to mostly tiny bits of bone resembling ash.” While the definition does go on to say that the process involves exposure to flame and intense […]

Pet Cremation Services: All You Need To Know

pet cremation

Your pet is a member of your family; they’ve seen you through difficult times and shared many joyful experiences with you. And after they’re gone, you want to give them an appropriate monument to honor all the joy they brought into your life. While movies often feature backyard graves, this is not always the case. […]

How Much Does A Dog Cremation Cost?

how much does a dog cremation cost

Anyone who has had to say goodbye to a beloved dog understands how difficult it is to figure out what to do with the remains of their beloved pet. How much does a dog cremation cost? Making end-of-life preparations for your dog may be difficult, and while it’s difficult to think about now, the more […]