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Water Coffin: How To Have An Environmentally Friendly Death?

water coffin

Ever consider a water coffin? The funeral industry is responding to the increased number of people who wish to dispose of their ashes in an ecologically responsible manner. On the other side of the fence, the grass may be greener, but is death? A growing number of people who spend their lives recycling plastics and […]

Cremation Coffin: Everything You Should Know

cremation coffin

A sturdy, totally combustible container must be used to deposit a body in the cremation chamber. The only criteria is that it has no metal pieces. This container can be anything from a cremation coffin to a cardboard box. If There Will Be A Funeral Before The Cremation If the cremation will follow a typical […]

Cremation And Religion

cremation and religion

Many people consider religious approval of cremation while deciding on the last disposition for oneself or a loved one. Cremation and religion, there are many religions, and many more sects, with opinions ranging from preferring cremation to outright prohibiting it. Cremation and Religion: An Overview of the Major Religions and their Views on Cremation Christianity […]

Eco Burial: A Guide to Green Burial

eco burial

Environmental stewardship does not have to end when a person dies. Many people have begun to consider their ultimate wishes through a green lens, allowing them to contribute to environmental protection after they die away. Eco burial sites, green burial caskets, and even green funeral rites like tree burials have sprung up as a result […]

Splitting Ashes After Cremation

splitting ashes after cremation

Splitting ashes after cremation, who gets the remains? The ashes are handed to the individual who has applied to the funeral director for cremation. The ashes can be collected directly from the crematorium by the applicant, or they can be collected on their behalf by the funeral director. Who has the authority to collect the […]

Traveling With Cremation Remains: Here’s What You Should Know

cremation remains

With cremation becoming more prevalent, there is a growing demand for cremation remains to be transported from one location to another. You may need to transfer ashes for a variety of reasons, including shipping them to another family member, dispersing them at a significant site, or repatriating a loved one’s remains after a cremation overseas. […]

How Hot Is A Cremation Oven And What Does Cremation Ashes Look Like?

cremation oven

When death is impending or has occurred recently, most families strive to avoid addressing certain aspects. Such as questions around cremation oven and ashes. Simply said, there are some truths concerning deaths, cremations, and graves that family members may find difficult to accept. However, in a place like this, when people are looking for knowledge […]