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Water Coffin: How To Have An Environmentally Friendly Death?

water coffin

Ever consider a water coffin? The funeral industry is responding to the increased number of people who wish to dispose of their ashes in an ecologically responsible manner. On the other side of the fence, the grass may be greener, but is death? A growing number of people who spend their lives recycling plastics and […]

When Someone Dies, Here’s Who to Call and What to Do

when someone dies

It’s never easy to lose a loved one, but losing your spouse or wife is one of the most traumatic experiences you’ll ever have. When someone dies, there are many things you must do in addition to saying goodbye to your lifemate. When your spouse passes away, our checklists will explain what you need to […]

Unique Grief Rituals Around The World

grief rituals around the world

Have you heard of unusual grief rituals around the world? Attending a funeral for a family member or friend is a common occurrence, with comparable customs and cultural influences passed down through the years. The beginning and end of life are ingrained in the culture, frequently through long-standing customs that make up the farewell ritual. […]

Funeral Tree: The Advantages of Planting a Human Ashes Tree

funeral tree

The Benefits of a Human Funeral Tree The finest thing you can do with your loved ones or pet’s remains is to conduct a human ashes tree burial. Traditional funerals are detrimental to the environment, as we all know. But do you realize how hostile it is? To begin with, the fluid used to embalm […]

Burial Assistance For The Uninsured

burial assistance for the uninsured

Burial Assistance For The Uninsured. When a loved one passes away, bereaved family members are faced with a slew of funeral decisions, many of which must be made swiftly. These include: What type of funeral do you think it should be? Should we utilize a certain funeral home? What should our budget be? Is there […]

Cremation Coffin: Everything You Should Know

cremation coffin

A sturdy, totally combustible container must be used to deposit a body in the cremation chamber. The only criteria is that it has no metal pieces. This container can be anything from a cremation coffin to a cardboard box. If There Will Be A Funeral Before The Cremation If the cremation will follow a typical […]

Eco Burial: A Guide to Green Burial

eco burial

Environmental stewardship does not have to end when a person dies. Many people have begun to consider their ultimate wishes through a green lens, allowing them to contribute to environmental protection after they die away. Eco burial sites, green burial caskets, and even green funeral rites like tree burials have sprung up as a result […]

Prepaid Funeral Plans: A Comprehensive Guide to the Costs, Benefits, and Drawbacks

prepaid funeral plans

It’s a good idea to save aside money for any significant anticipated expenditure, and a funeral is no exception. Understanding how pre-paid funeral arrangements function is crucial. Pre-planning funerals is becoming increasingly popular since it relieves loved ones of the stress of having to do so during such a difficult time. You may also save […]