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Live Streaming Funeral

live streaming funeral

Due to limitations on travel and gatherings, funeral planning during COVID periods is far more difficult than usual, making a regular funeral practically impossible. Here’s how live streaming funeral can help! Even in quieter times, though, organizing a funeral may be difficult when you have family who lives all across the country. How can you […]

End Of Life Document Organizer: Begin Preparing Your Legacy

end of life document organizer

While it may be tough to contemplate, the fact is that we will all die at some point. It’s important to have end of life document organizer because when that moment comes,  the most difficult jobs are assigned to the people we care about the most. Avoiding the subject may leave you without a strategy, […]

What To Do With Baby’s Ashes: Creative Ideas

baby's ashes

After the death of a loved one, deciding what to do with the ashes may be extremely tough, especially if the person was a kid. You want to make the finest decision possible for their last resting place in order to honor their memory. Even if you’ve heard about cremation a thousand times, you might […]

Cost Of Cremation Vs Funeral

cost of cremation vs funeral

Five years ago, the cost of cremation vs funeral rates were virtually identical. Now, the estimates for 2020 appear to be a bit different. Burials are expected to account for 37.5 percent of all burials, while cremations will account for 56.4 percent. Not only that but “the cremation rate in the United States is predicted […]

Why Does Cremation Take So Long

why does cremation take so long

You may have questions regarding cremation, why does cremation take so long? if you have a loved one who has requested it or if you’re looking into it as part of your own end-of-life preparation. We’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions to assist you better understanding the process, the time frame involved, and […]

Death Certificates: Everything You Need to Know

death certificate

You’ll need to get death certificates to submit to some authorities to close accounts or collect benefits when a loved one passes away. However, how many death certificates do you need to order? You’ll learn about the purpose of death certificates, common uses, how to get them, and how many you should order in the […]

Great Songs About Death to Help You Cope With Your Loss

songs about death

We use music to help us get through difficult situations. Music, like the memories of our loved ones who have passed away, lasts for generations. Music may provide us calm, whether we are confronting our own mortality or the loss of a loved one or friend. We can find peaceful introspection to express and experience […]

How Do You Pay For A Funeral

how do you pay for a funeral

Did you know that in the United States, the average cost of a full-service “conventional burial,” excluding cemetery and reception charges, is over $7,000?! Makes you think, how do you pay for a funeral? Funerals are ranked as the second or third most costly life event. Regrettably, fewer than a third of the US population […]