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How To Host A Virtual Memorial Service

how to host a virtual memorial

What and How to Host a Virtual Memorial Service? There’s no denying it: technology has an impact on everything around us, even the events we commemorate. Funerals and memorials are becoming more common. Families are celebrating loved ones with a gathering that includes at least some sort of virtual component, thanks to the emergence of […]

Memorial Service Program: What Is the Best Way to Make a Funeral Program?

memorial service program

Our culture has become increasingly entwined with the internet, which now plays a role in practically every area of our lives. Of course, there are numerous advantages to interacting online, but for important life events, having a piece of paper to hold in our hands—something tactile, an artifact—can be valuable. Friends, coworkers, and loved ones […]

Funeral Flowers: Types and Meanings

funeral flowers

With so many moving components to a funeral, it’s tempting to just leave the flower arrangements to the florist. Right, as long as it’s the ideal emotional piece? Funeral flowers, on the other hand, have a far deeper meaning. That’s why it’s crucial to know what sorts of funeral flowers and arrangements are appropriate to […]

Creating the Perfect Tribute: Funeral Obituary Examples

funeral obituary examples

In a few brief paragraphs, how can you condense a lifetime of experiences and accomplishments? If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, you’re probably used to sending messages in quick bursts. Capturing the highlights of a loved one’s life in a brief, written style, on the other hand, can be a different—and more difficult—experience. A […]