How to Write a Eulogy for a Loved One


How can you condense a lifetime’s worth of events and memories into a 15-minute eulogy? It’s an honor to be given the task of eulogizing your loved one, but fitting all you want to say into one statement may be difficult.

A eulogy is a speech made by family or friends during a memorial ceremony in memory of the departed, whereas an obituary is a newspaper or online article that announces a person’s death by a relative or funeral director.

Rather than having the funeral guests feel as if they’re reading an encyclopedia from cover to cover, find ways to highlight the rich life events that mean the most. A eulogy should include a selection of the person’s greatest qualities, such as accomplishments, personality features, and memorable tales.

You may get ideas and samples for eulogy writing on the internet. But the most essential thing to remember is that quality takes precedence over quantity.

What exactly is a Eulogy?

Giving a eulogy entails delivering a remembering speech in honor of a loved one. A family member or close friend delivers this speech at a funeral or memorial event.

A great eulogy emphasizes the person’s enduring effect on their family and community. You’ll get the chance to speak about their distinct talents, as well as the ripple impact of positive and change they had on the world around them, in your speech.

What is the finest way to pay tribute to a loved one? A eulogy may be a great way to reflect on the aspects that were most important about them, as well as a part of your recovery.

Help in Composing a Memorable Eulogy

Continue reading if you’re seeking eulogy examples. Take a look at SpeechForm if you’re feeling overwhelmed and could use some assistance writing a beautiful eulogy, or if you just want someone to help you create a memorial that’s as unique as your loved one. They’ve merged technology with years of speech-writing experience to develop high-quality, low-cost eulogy templates that will serve as a guide for your writing, along with advice and prompt for personalization.

Examples of Eulogies

Reviewing a eulogy speech sample that matches your desired tone and style is one of the simplest methods to compose a eulogy. The unique insights you’ll give about the person themselves are what distinguishes a eulogy, which is why it’s critical to personalize your eulogy to commemorate and celebrate your loved one’s individuality.

Outline for a Eulogy

Creating a fantastic speech by following a eulogy example framework is a tried and true method. Do you recall your childhood Mad Libs books? This procedure is similar: follow the instructions and fill in the relevant personal information for your loved one.

These eulogy examples can help you overcome writer’s block and stay focused on important topics. Aim for a total eulogy time of no more than 10 minutes. The most basic eulogy plan may be split down into three components, so think about how much time you want to devote to each:

  • First Section – Introduction: Before moving on to the major body of the eulogy, you must cover a few fundamental bits of information in the introduction section.
    • Begin by reading a poem, a quotation, or a passage from the Bible that means something to the person.
    • Nicknames and maiden names were used to refer to them.
    • Death’s Cause (an optional detail).
    • A brief description of your relationship with the person.
  • Middle Section – Main Part of the Eulogy: After you’ve finished with the introduction, you may continue on to the most crucial section of the eulogy. This will be the most lengthy part of the eulogy. Many individuals opt to emphasize a person’s life in chronological order or to organize the stories around a subject. A number of talking points can be included in the body of the speech:
    • Accomplishments
    • Life’s major events
    • Memories or stories
    • What impact the individual has on others
    • Years of growing up
    • Travel and adventures
    • Children and marriage
    • Any additional observations you’d want to make about the person
  • End Section – Summarizing the Person’s Life: The eulogy’s final segment is usually the shortest. This is a succinct summary of a person’s life. Finish the eulogy using one or more of the following options:
    • A last thought on the subject
    • How you like relatives and friends to remember the person
    • What would the individual like you to remember them for
    • Quote, scripture, or lyric from a song
    • Thank you to everyone who came.


Examples of Eulogies for a Friend

It’s a good idea to write this eulogy as though you’re speaking with a buddy. The following are some examples of common talking points:

  • Common pastimes that might be shared
  • What is it about the individual that you admire the most
  • They have certain personality traits or words that they frequently employ.
  • How would you characterize the individual?
  • What will serve as a lasting memory of them?

Here’s an example of a eulogy for a friend:

I can only imagine how lonely it will be to spend time on the basketball court without Jim. Our friendship began with basketball and has grown to include numerous family reunions and other activities over the years. Jim is leaving a legacy of love, compassion, and generosity in his wake.

Jim greeted everyone with a wide smile and a nice sense of humor. Despite the fact that his practical jokes were frequently cursed, he was an important element of our group’s relationship foundation. He could always put a grin on my face, even when things were tough. He kept his head held high to the very end, demonstrating what it takes to finish strong.

Examples of Eulogies for Your Father

It might be difficult to write a eulogy for your father. In the midst of sadness and passion, how do you honor your hero? We hope you find these suggestions and the example below useful.

  • When you’re spending time with your father, talk about your childhood.
  • Discuss his finest traits.
  • Using “dad jokes” and the things that made you chuckle, capture the essence of his personality.
  • Tell us about the aspects of his personality that you will miss the most.
  • Describe how he influenced your upbringing.

Here’s an example of a eulogy for your father:

My father was a hero to me. He had the ability to make everyone feel like they were the most important person on the planet. Growing up, I knew I could always count on Dad for assistance – and that he would drop everything to help. In my upbringing, he was a rock of stability and a source of strength for our entire family.

My father was a man who made even the most routine activities enjoyable. He used to transform our night ritual into an adventure, complete with highlights from our favorite novels. He was a thoughtful and nice individual. He encouraged us to express our gratitude at the dinner table every night, and he always had tasty snacks for us kids stashed in the back of the cupboard. I’ll miss you, Dad, and I’ll cherish the wonderful moments we made together.

Examples of Eulogies for Your Mother

How can you ever deliver a eulogy for your beloved mother – the lady who was always there with love and advice through the highs and lows, the joys and sorrows of your life? Here are some pointers on how to write a eulogy for your mother:

  • Describe how she expressed her love for you.
  • Celebrate the little things she did to make your house a home.
  • Emphasize the positive influence she had on the community.
  • Explain the scents, sounds, and emotions you experienced upon returning home.
  • Share childhood and adulthood tales that show her personality.

Here’s an example of a eulogy for your mother:

We’re commemorating, remembering, and celebrating [mom’s full name] today. She was a graceful and courageous lady with a determined streak that showed when she set her mind to anything, such as returning to school to become a nurse at the age of 40.

My mother was genuinely my best friend, and the task of articulating the whole extent of her beauty and compassion here now humbles me. I’m not sure how she did it, but Mom always managed to strike the ideal work-life balance. Despite working 40–50 hours a week to support us, Mom made family supper a priority. That was a special occasion for our family. Whether she was making cookies for a bake sale to benefit the hospital or sewing our Halloween costumes by hand year after year, her love and generosity were evident in everything she did.

Every time she stepped into a room, she had a remarkable way of spreading joy. Her smile was remembered by everyone who met her. And I’ll never forget her words of wisdom and lessons. Her knowledge will continue to influence my decisions for the rest of my life. Mom, I love you.

Examples of Eulogies for Your Grandmother

How can you describe the depths of affection you experienced via your grandmother’s relationship? To write an excellent eulogy for this significant woman, follow these guidelines:

  • Discuss the delightful holiday traditions she brought with her.
  • What did she have a reputation for in the neighborhood?
  • What impact did she have on your life?
  • What are the things that will remind you of her on a daily basis?
  • Share amusing anecdotes about her oddities or sense of humor.

Here’s an example of a eulogy for your grandmother:

My grandma was meticulous in her attention to detail; it was the small things that made every event complete. She always put food and drinks first, whether she was laying out the treat jar on the kitchen table or clinking the glass while enjoying her iced tea.

Grandma would frequently take us to the mall when we came to stay for the weekend since she enjoyed shopping. We used to have fashion presentations in the changing rooms and would frequently bring home colorful, frilly outfits that were great for twirling.

When Grandpa was abroad fighting in the war, Grandma set an example of never giving up when things became tough. She never grumbled; instead, she worked hard and was always supportive of her family. Despite her personal difficulties, she always looked beyond herself, which is why she will be regarded as a lighthouse in our town.


Examples of Eulogies for Your Grandfather

What are the details about your grandfather that make him seem larger than life? Here are some suggestions to help you write a fitting eulogy for this remarkable man:

  • Describe the characteristics that best characterize his personality.
  • Tell about the unique characteristics that set him apart from other grandparents.
  • What hobbies or interests did he have in common with his family?
  • What will be his legacy in his neighborhood or community?
  • Talk about tales that had a profound impact on his life.

Here’s an example of a eulogy for your grandfather:

Despite his dislike of being the center of attention, my grandpa had an evident influence on the town. He would not want us to express our anguish and sorrow if he were here now. Instead, he would rather concentrate on the positive memories and wonderful events he has enjoyed throughout the years.

Grandpa was a man who left an indelible mark on everyone he came into contact with. His deep chuckle and lovely gaze filled the room and breathed new life into even the most mundane of tasks. Grandpa enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren because it made him feel youthful at heart, according to him.

He was an excellent instructor and a trustworthy companion. His words of wisdom and counsel will continue to guide me through the pleasures and trials that life has in store for me.


Examples of Eulogies for Your Brother

Siblings have a particular link that allows you to offer profound insights about your brother. To write an excellent eulogy, follow these guidelines:

  • What was it like to grow up in the same house with your siblings?
  • Describe how your relationship evolved as you grew older.
  • Share amusing tales of sibling rivalry.
  • Describe the long-term influence he had on you and your family.
  • Make a list of his favorite activities and foods.

Here’s an example of a eulogy for your brother:

While it’s heartbreaking to think about Kyle leaving us too young, he has left us with a lifetime of memories to cherish. Kyle was always up for a good time with his pals, and he would have been the one to arrive up today with the ideal soundtrack for the occasion.

Despite the fact that my brother was a few years older than me, he always included me in his friends’ escapades. He never made me feel like the younger sibling he was pulling behind him. He made me feel unique and involved in the group, as well as boosted my confidence.

Kyle was my best buddy, and I can’t imagine what my life will be like now that he’s no longer sending me amusing cat memes every night. But I know that whether I eat his favorite pizza or listen to his favorite band on the radio, his memories will live on.


Examples of Eulogies for Your Sister

We are deeply sorry if you have lost a sibling. Writing a eulogy for your sister might be a way to remember her by reminiscing about your childhood and growing up with her, as well as the significant events in her life. Here are a few suggestions for this eulogy:

  • Tell us about her major achievements in life.
  • Retell some of your favorite childhood stories.
  • Emphasize the type of person she was.
  • In a few words, summarize your connection.
  • Discuss how she affected your life and what she meant to you.

Here’s an example of a eulogy for your sister:

Kim, my younger sister, may have been a little hesitant when we first met. When she warmed up to a friendship, though, she always had enough to say whenever they spoke. Kim had a remarkable ability to make everyone feel like the most important person in the world, and she liked to share stories from her time working at the children’s hospital.

We were just a year apart, so I was the younger sister who was constantly stealing her things and listening in on her boyfriend’s talks. Despite the fact that I was the annoying brother who teased her about her distinct style, she was everything I want to be when I grew up. She was self-sufficient, powerful, and stunning. She was a free spirit who was not afraid to take risks, such as traveling to Paris after graduation and launching her own company. She was my accomplice in crime, and I could always confide in her. She cannot be replaced. . I adore you, my darling sister, and I will be eternally thankful for every time we spent together.


Examples of Short Eulogies

When writing a eulogy, a good rule of thumb to follow is to keep it short and sweet. If you’re writing a short eulogy, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Draw attention to the person’s passions or interests.
  • What are some of your favorite memories from your time together?
  • Using a tale or recollection, summarize the person’s personality.
  • Express your thanks for the person’s influence on your life.
  • Discuss their impact on their family and community.

Here’s an example of a brief eulogy:

The years I spent with Kathy in my life was full of adventure and excitement. She stepped up to the plate in the most spectacular way conceivable. I knew we’d be great friends from the minute she shared her cookie with me on the first day of school.

She worked as a teacher for many years, and her heart was huge enough to give each child in her classroom personalized attention. Kathy touched the lives of hundreds of children throughout the years, and her generosity and optimism will be remembered in this community for a long time.


Example of a Funny Eulogy

Humor may sometimes be the best approach to lighten the atmosphere and show off your loved one’s uniqueness. If you wish to include a few jokes in your eulogy, follow these guidelines:

  • Make a point of mentioning the person’s comic abilities.
  • When it comes to spreading their jokes or pranks, be specific.
  • Look for methods to express what the individual would say if they were the one who authored the speech.
  • To exchange laughter without being disrespectful, find the proper blend of humor.
  • Offer a humorous poem or a quote from the person’s favorite film.


Here’s an example of a humorous eulogy:

Anyone who has met Josh will attest to the fact that there are always laughs to be had. It was difficult to spend time with him without laughing so hard that you felt sick to your stomach. Josh was regarded as the class clown because of his quick wit and funny quips.

Who could forget Josh’s appearance at the family reunion dressed as a goofy blow-up dinosaur? He pursued the youngsters around the park until they were all weeping from laughter.

Our family camping experiences spawned a slew of amusing recollections. He was unable to relax in front of a serene campfire. Instead, creating s’mores always appeared to devolve into a marshmallow duel, with white puffs flying through the air when you least expected them. Josh made me grin through the ups and downs of life, and I will continue to do so in his name.

The Eulogy’s Personalization

The most essential thing to remember as you read through these funeral eulogy samples is that there is no right or wrong way to write a eulogy. Instead, think about how you might best convey the person in the way they would like to be remembered. It’s your time to express your affection and pay tribute to your loved one’s memory.

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