Pet Ashes and Pet Cremation

pet ashes

How can I be sure these are my pet ashes?

pet ashesIs it preferable to leave well enough alone and not ask questions when it comes to pet cremation? Or, like with any valued family member’s cremation, do you want to be certain that you get your pet ashes?

In one episode from Freakonomics radio, the question of whether pet cremains is the same as the ashes of a specific animal is raised. According to the podcast, the returned goods are most likely mixed up with other items. Regrettably, these findings suggest an industry that gets away with mixing pet cremains together on a regular basis.

According to government statistics, there are more than 200 million pets in the United States. … And we spend a lot of money on them, almost $61 billion every year. Pet “aftercare” is one field that is rapidly expanding, according to the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAPCC). Only a few facilities specialized in pet aftercare 10 years ago, according to the IAPCC. There are now over 700 pet funeral establishments, crematories,, and cemeteries in the United States. … Could there be some misbehavior going on with so much money being spent, and death being so loaded with passion and mystery?

The results of their independent trial, which comprised various pet crematories, lead to these firms making false claims.

Pet cremation and the rights of pet owners

Ira Woods, president of OneWorld Memorials, recommends paying a little more to guarantee that you receive only your pet’s ashes and not a mix of other animals. Ira claims:

Pet owners are correct to be concerned about the lack of regulation around pet cremation. Before allowing your pet to be taken, do your homework on the procedure and the facility you or your veterinarian intends to utilize. If you don’t want your pet’s ashes to mix, make sure he or she has a fully private and personalized cremation rather than a communal or partitioned cremation with other animals. Get it in writing, and make sure you understand how the crematory defines these various services. As is customary with human cremation, provide adequate labeling. These few items will undoubtedly cost you extra, but they will provide you with better peace of mind in the long run.

When it comes to pet aftercare, what happens?

If you choose to euthanize your pet in a veterinarian’s office, the facility will frequently function as a middleman in pet cremation for a fee. The pet is frequently packed in a black rubbish bag once the owner leaves. The bag is then put in a deep freezer until it is picked up by the pet crematorium with which the vet has a relationship. Several things can happen depending on the type of cremation equipment utilized at the crematorium. If the approach employed is important to you, make sure to complete your homework.

As memorial urns for the pet’s remains, little urns for ashes can be purchased. Pet cremation urns come in a variety of sizes and styles, including ashes urns for cats, dogs, and small animals, as well as ashes urns for bigger animals.

A monument to a beloved pet that has passed away.

Although some of this may seem frightening, you will find that spending the time to educate yourself, conduct your research, and speak with a cremation vendor can give you a great degree of comfort and knowledge. It will be much simpler to focus on suggestions for how to best memorialize your lost companion animal. While the crematory will most likely give a temporary container for the ashes, you may decide that you prefer to keep the ashes in something that reflects your feelings for the pet.

Pet cremation urns are frequently inexpensive, attractive, and provide a sense that the procedure is accomplished.

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  1. Zachary Tomlinson says:

    It’s fascinating how pet cremation allows you to handle your furry friend’s ashes and keep them whenever you see fit. I heard a rumor that the trusty dog of my boss passed away recently. I should probably share this with him so he’d consider this idea.

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