Mementos and Keepsakes

mementos and keepsakes

Mementos and Keepsakes: What Do They Mean?

What exactly are mementos? The definition of mementos is to represent a special or meaningful recollection. They provide a deep and enduring homage. Urns for ashes can be made in a variety of innovative and customized ways. A close friend’s mother requested that her ashes be mixed with sculpting clay. Her daughter then used the clay to create a lovely vase for her mother’s ashes. Necklace urns, glass urns, and other souvenir urns are also choices. Be inventive.

Consider a powerful memory associated with the fragrance of a perfume bottle or the aroma of a loaf of bread your grandma baked. Keep a strand of hair from your baby’s first haircut in your hand. These keepsakes may aid to keep the memory of someone we may have lost alive by reminding us of a former encounter. A memento, by definition, is an object or thing that helps to remind one of a person or an event from the past. What is the significance of this to us?

Origins of Memento

Mementos may be dated back to the 15th century, although they didn’t begin to evolve until Queen Victoria reigned in the 16th century.

Mementos and Keepsakes Queen victoria and Prince Albert

Queen Victoria was so stricken with sadness when her beloved husband Prince Albert died in 1861 that she spent the rest of her life memorializing him. She donned black garments, commonly known as “widow weeds,” and she commissioned custom-crafted jewelry made of jet, a black gemstone, to honor beloved Prince Albert. Until her death in 1901, the Queen completed her costume by wearing a ‘mourning ring’ as a public statement of her sadness.

This sparked a trend among upper-class ladies to follow suit. Women in various phases of grief are shown in artifacts from the Victorian era by decorating themselves with comparable items of jewelry and attire as the queen. After the queen’s death, however, this tradition fell out of favor. The desire to remember a loved one endures.

Mementos Now

The necessity of capturing the essence of a moment, a life, or a pet has expanded in importance more than five centuries later. Photographs, the written word, sporting medals, a collar, sculptures, and men’s and women’s jewelry are just a few of the ways we remember a loved one.

Simply look around your surroundings for inspiration while designing a keepsake for family or friends, especially if you are in the process of pre-death preparation. Consider the possibility of constructing a memento, a form of commemorative urn built in such a manner that your ashes truly become a part of it, if cremation is an option for you.

The most typical way to distribute cremated remains is to place them in an urn on a shelf in the home. Another option is to scatter the ashes in a number of memento urns and distribute them to family members. The bones of two people are kept in companion urns. Is it your wish to have your ashes dispersed in a special area for you? Vallorio provides a variety of unique and high-quality jewelry urns that may be utilized as souvenirs to create a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Unusual techniques of manufacturing unique mementos or memorial urns have recently gained popularity. Consider the following ideas to see how you might personalize a way to make a lasting tribute to your loved one.

  • Jewelry – Infuse a pinch of ash into a handcrafted necklace, bracelet, or ring. Consider using a jewelry urn or a necklace to keep the ashes.
  • Cremation Glass Art – Hand-blown glass is a lovely way to combine the ashes of a loved one into a one-of-a-kind work of art.
  • Ashes to Pottery – By combining ashes with sculpting clay, you may create clay bowls, vases, plates, and other ceramic objects.
  • Unique Items – Take a look around the deceased’s residence if you’re seeking methods to commemorate someone who has died away or to buy as a remembrance for yourself. Is there a way for you to make your own keepsake? A unique pocket watch, an hourglass, or even a teddy bear are all items to consider. Don’t forget about stained glass or a beloved plant that you may bury with the ashes.

There are many possibilities to be discovered. We’ve shared a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

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