Small Keepsake Box For Ashes

small keepsake box for ashes

What is a Keepsake Urn, and why are these little urns so popular?

Small urns, tiny urns, keepsake urns, shared urns (sharing urns), and even token urns are all terms used to describe memento cremation urns or small keepsake box for ashes. These words simply allude to the urn’s size, as they only store a little amount of cremation ashes.
Cremation jewelry is sometimes referred to as keepsake jewelry. Necklaces, rings, and bracelets that carry a little quantity of ashes, as well as those that include the ashes into the creation of the gem, fall into this category.
Keepsake urns come in a range of colors, sizes, materials, and designs, ranging from little classic urns to ornamental pieces. These may be purchased for anywhere from $10 to several hundred dollars.

Why pick a small keepsake box for ashes?

A keepsake urn for ashes is ideal for families that just wish to save a small amount or part of cremated remains. They can provide you consolation by allowing you to have a tiny piece of that wonderful person with you at all times.

Keepsake urns are especially popular among families who wish to disperse their loved ones’ ashes yet save a little portion for themselves. They’re also common among families that want to divide cremation ashes among relatives. Sharing keepsakes is another term for this type of item.

Because of their modest size, keepsake urns are frequently used as urns for children and newborns.

What is the standard size of a keepsake urn?

The size of a little keepsake urn for human ashes can range from a tiny 3 cubic inch urn to a considerably bigger, but still small/medium urn containing 50 cubic inches.
A full-size adult cremation urn is required if you intend to preserve the whole remains of an adult in one vessel.

Is it possible to engrave Keepsake Urns for ashes?

Although many keepsake urns may be personalized, we do not advocate engraving little candle cremation urn if it’s not tested and instead propose utilizing a nameplate (on a ribbon).

What is the benefit of using a small Urn?

Many people have discovered that a smaller urn is a better fit for their deceased loved one. Here are a few reasons why it could be preferable:

  1. They could be placed on top of a dresser, table, or nightstand.
  2. In a cremation keepsake urn, you may retain a portion of your loved one’s ashes with you. Even if you plan to inter or spread the bulk of your loved one’s ashes.
  3. The loved one can be present at several celebration parties or memorials at the same time if more than one tiny urn is in rotation.

Is it permissible to scatter ashes among little keepsake urns?

While Catholics are barred by the Vatican from dividing ashes, everyone else is free to do so unless there is a disagreement, in which case you should seek legal guidance.
If your beloved someone has given instructions on what to do with their ashes, you should follow them and honor their desires. The majority of the time, however, it is up to their family members to determine what to do with the ashes.
Traditionally, the bereaved family members had to pick who would care for the monument, but those days are gone. Sharing ashes among family members is a lovely way to ensure that your loved one is remembered by everybody. This option can provide comfort to families by allowing everyone to have their loved one close at hand. This can make them feel closer to their loved one, and it also allows them to pay their respects quietly anytime they choose, without having to visit a cemetery or sit near a gravestone.
If you wish to split the ashes, keepsake urns are the perfect vessel; each will hold a portion of the ashes, and the size you require will depend on how they will be divided.

How Do You Fill A Small Cremation Urn With Personal Ashes?

The openings on our keepsake urns are always very large, but depending on the design you choose, they might be rather little, especially in cremation jewelry. Filling urns with smaller apertures is best done with a funnel.
If you are unsure about transporting the ashes, enlist the support of friends or family members. The funeral home should also be able to assist you with the transport of your ashes.
    1. Place a wide piece of paper on the ground to catch any stray ashes and to ensure that no objects are misplaced.
    2. Gather everything you’ll need, including an urn, a spoon, a bag of ashes, a tiny container, a toothpick, and, if necessary, a small funnel and screwdriver.
    3. Undo the urn, which should either screw open by hand or need the use of a tiny screwdriver for some smaller urns and jewelry.
    4. Open the ashes and transfer the ashes with the spoon.
      • If the entrance is large enough, directly to the urn.
      • Alternatively, a little container (it is easier with only a small portion of ashes).
      • If the entrance is really small and you want to use it for jewelry, you may need to separate the smaller particles from the bigger ones. To do so, place some ashes on the paper using a spoon and separate them.
    5. Place the cremated remains in the funnel and spoon them in.
    6. Using the toothpick, remove the ashes and debris from the thread.
    7. The cap should be able to be easily screwed back on/in.
    8. What Is The Best Way To Seal A Keepsake Urn?
    • Many little urns have a tight fastening, so this isn’t essential, but if you want to securely seal the urn for extra peace of mind, use a liquid glue (suitable for the urn material), spread with a toothpick after the screw is screwed in approximately 80%, and shut quickly.

9. To remove any stray ashes or fingerprints, wipe your urn with a gentle cloth.

  •     10. Any stray ashes should be returned.

Is it true that urns are solely for ashes?

No, an urn is nothing more than a container. While they were developed and purchased to store human ashes, they may also be used to store other mementos, such as a lock of hair or the deceased’s goods.
It’s pretty unusual for the urn to be empty once the ashes have been moved; you can fill this area with any souvenirs you like. If you preserve the ashes in a plastic bag, you will be able to conveniently retrieve the keepsakes at a later date if you so choose.
Also, if you buy an urn and subsequently spread the ashes, the urn is a great location to keep your loved one’s belongings. This might be a watch, jewelry, photos, or anything else that is precious to you and is maintained in their memorial.

Did You Know?

Many animal enthusiasts utilize small cremation urns for human ashes as pet urns as well.

Some people lavish their dogs while they are still living, treating them like family, so why should they stop after they die?

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