Engraving On Urns: Processes to Consider

engraving on urns

Choosing an epitaph for a loved one is an important procedure for many families. Engraving on urns makes a personalized cremation urn inscribed with insightful, hilarious, irreverent, or smart remarks that embody a loved one’s personality or memory is even more fulfilling. It’s crucial to understand the engraving procedures and what materials may be etched […]

What To Do With Baby’s Ashes: Creative Ideas

baby's ashes

After the death of a loved one, deciding what to do with the ashes may be extremely tough, especially if the person was a kid. You want to make the finest decision possible for their last resting place in order to honor their memory. Even if you’ve heard about cremation a thousand times, you might […]

Cost Of Cremation Vs Funeral

cost of cremation vs funeral

Five years ago, the cost of cremation vs funeral rates were virtually identical. Now, the estimates for 2020 appear to be a bit different. Burials are expected to account for 37.5 percent of all burials, while cremations will account for 56.4 percent. Not only that but “the cremation rate in the United States is predicted […]

Why Does Cremation Take So Long

why does cremation take so long

You may have questions regarding cremation, why does cremation take so long? if you have a loved one who has requested it or if you’re looking into it as part of your own end-of-life preparation. We’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions to assist you better understanding the process, the time frame involved, and […]